Hunters Star Quilt …….. for a friend

I have a dear friend, who remains out of touch with social media technology, who will be the recipient of this Hunter Star Quilt. I am pretty safe sharing it’s progress online as I am sure it’s existence will remain somewhat buried to him and luckily, as it will be his birthday gift in September. This 60″ square quilt has plenty of cutting and piecing but given its recipient has made me about 7 years worth of bespoke Christmas decorations, I owe the time and more! I am really happy with its progress so far and love the civil war replica fabric called Civil War Melodies, by Judie Rothermel who designs for Marcus Fabrics if you have never used Marcus do yourself a favour as they are a dream to work with. In Australia they are pretty pricey but worth it for special projects. Anyway, back to it. Happy Stitching!


Quilt frame beginnings …

If anyone out there has a quilt frame and hand quilts, you will relate to this process. The length of time the quilt ends up being on the frame can be lengthy. Some of mine have spent years on the frame, sitting silently in the corner of the room, sometimes draped in a bed sheet, sometimes ignored for months on end. It’s all enthusiasm for me in the beginning, to get it on the frame is one step closer to the quilting part. To take the first few stitches, after the template is chosen, is like setting out on an adventure. I love this part of the process. So much of the quilting process is now farmed out with a view to expediting the time between the machine and the bed. I like to hand quilt the ones I intend to keep. The drape of a hand quilted is like nothing else. The weight, the feel, the texture all adds to its finished charm. Do you hand quilt? It might be a while before I post the finished quilt, but it’s all about the process for me. Happy Stitching!



Hello Stitcher’s!

Holidays! There’s no time for stitching. One is just too busy. However I did manage the February exchange. After 7 long weeks off work over the summer, going back to work brings routine and time for stitching back into my week. I’ve got a lot of projects planned for this year. I have some quilts to make, I thought I’d try my hand at needle punch, and I’ve bought a canning kit! I just thought I’d touch base before all this begins! Happy Stitching!


Gingerbread Tradition

For about 5 years I have made gingerbread cookies and a gingerbread house every Christmas with my girls and this year was no exception. I take cookies to work and package them up for guests when they visit. Every Boxing Day,my sister in law has a family gathering and I let the youngest child take a bite or punch in the Christmas G/bread House so everyone can have a piece. This year my youngest daughter wanted to decorate the cookies in a (?swedish) style and they look great. This recipe hasn’t been handed down, it’s a tried and true from Women’s Weekly. Here is the link Australian Women’s Weekly Gingerbread House Recipe. I know Christmas has passed, but tuck this away for next year. The same recipe makes the cookies. It’s the only Recipe I know off where kids eat the cookie as well as the icing. The cookies are soft and far more tasty than store bought packs which can have spices in them little children don’t like. Anyway, enjoy your new year and start thinking about the projects for the new year!




Every year I try to make an ornament or two to add to my collection. As I have had such a focus this year on cross stitch, it was only fitting to chain rain the theme. We always try and partake in non financially dependent activities too like having a cookie exchange, making a gingerbread house and filling the season with yummy kitchen smells of cinnamon, mixed spice, apples, mince tarts and cinnamon rolls. Here are a few of the cookie party shots. Happy Stitching!




Home of a Quilter

When life gets busy, our craft time is the first to suffer. I finally finished Home of a Quilter last week. Doesn’t leave me much time for Christmas Craft but there is a month to go yet! I’ll also be on holidays soon so that opens up opportunities to craft away to my hearts content. Happy Stitching!


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